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I want to sell my guitar. What is it worth? Will you buy it?

Yes, we do buy some used guitars. To be honest, we can never offer you what the item cost when new or even maybe as much as you could get by selling on your own.

We generally offer to pay 25% to 40% of the guitar’s worth.

What’s it worth?

If you know what your guitar cost, there is a simple formula for setting the price for it. If you bought it new and have kept it in good condition, it is worth approximately 75% of the original selling price, not the full retail – no one sells for full retail.

If you bought your guitar used, it will be worth what you paid for it (if you got a good deal and have kept it up) or perhaps a bit less. Again, selling it to a store expect to receive about ½ of that.

Of course, anything is only worth what someone is willing to spend for it. If you do your research, you will get your best price.