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Does Guitar Doctor make custom guitars to order?

We can build anything - it's just a matter of cost and time. Together we will custom design any almost shape or material that you can imagine! The choice of pickups, wiring and other hardware can really make it yours.

We have many unassembled bodies and necks are in stock that can be seen in our shop. These can be a great start for your custom guitar or be used a creative upgrades to your existing guitar or you can bring your own “dream guitar”.

The best way to start is to give us a call (781-447-4520) or visit us at the shop.

How it works:

- First I "ball park" estimate the cost based on as detailed info as you can supply.

- Then, a $200.00 non-refundable quotation fee is required. This is applied to the cost of the job if accepted.

- Next, the balance of a 1/3 down (minus your $200.00 quotation fee) for deposit to initiate the job.

- Another 1/3 is due upon submission of photos of the completed chassis.

- Final payment is due upon shipment of the completed instrument.