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Can you repair or replace the frets on guitar necks. If so, what does it cost?

Yes, fret repair and replacement are common procedures here at Guitar Doctor.

Many guitarists are happily surprised to find that simple leveling and smoothing of the frets is all that is needed. This is called a “fret dressing”. This can be combined with replacement of only the worst frets if necessary.

The worst case is complete fret replacement. Some guitar owners even choose to remove and replace all frets out of preference for higher and/or wider frets.

In a nutshell refrets run about like this:

Fingerboard type

Time needed
at current shop labor rate

Unbound Rosewood or Maple
(if no fingerboard refinish needed)

6 hours

Unbound Ebony

6 2/3 hours

Unbound Maple
(if fingerboard refinish needed)

9 hours

Bound Rosewood, Maple or Ebony

As above plus add 2 hours

  • Final guitar set-up and additional repairs and/or parts are not included in above costs.
  • Partial refret and fret dressings are charged at current shop labor rate.
  • These estimates include all guitars and bass guitar

Your choice of fret size is included. This work is a specialty of the house. We maintain a very high degree of precision with this particular job, as the fretwork determines the ultimate playability and sound of the instrument.