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What is best to by - new or used?

There is a great misconception that brand new is best.

Sellers from the biggest box stores to the big on-line retailers and auctions are selling new guitars that come right of the import boat. They don't check them for anything other than intact packaging. This means that the guitar is not set up for proper playability and the construction and quality may be questionable at best. Their job is to make the sale, not to ensure your future satisfaction.

We see this daily with even the best brand names such as Gibson and Fender. We fix many a new guitar so that it can be used without disappointment or frustration. After having bought an instrument at a nationally known big name distributor, disappointed customers routinely come to us for minor and sometimes even major adjustments in order to make their guitar play correctly.

This may be the largest single reason for failure and dropout among beginners. They think that they just can't do it, where in fact it is the fault of the instrument. They don’t know the difference. They mistakenly assume that new equals good. Not necessarily.

Also, it’s well known that even many lesser brand older guitars can be of better quality than many new ones. As the saying goes, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to”. A well set up used or vintage guitar can often be much more playable and dependable than a brand new one. And the price is right, too!

Every guitar we sell - used or new, expensive or affordable - gets the full treatment before we let it out the door. We ensure ease of playing and tuning for even the humblest of instruments.