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Can you supply me with a new pickguard, truss rod cover, control knobs, pickups, tuner machine heads, strap button or other guitar parts? Can I have a custom design? What about vintage parts? Can you install them?

Yes, Guitar Doctor carries a wide variety of guitar parts for replacement and customizing. Our experienced staff can help you to choose parts and accessories to suit your tastes, needs and budget.

Unassembled bodies and necks are in stock and can be seen in our shop. These can be a great start for your custom guitar or be used a creative upgrades to your existing guitar.

We also have access to many vintage components or can make custom parts to suit your design.

Expert installation service is available or you can do it yourself.

Please see Doc’s Custom Shop for some brands and ideas or contact us with your needs.

Feel free to visit the shop or contact us with your needs.