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Look Ma ~ No Frets !

This inexpensive model Telecaster was the perfect guinea pig for this customer’s request for a fretless guitar.

I had my doubts about doing it, but hey, what customer wants, the customer gets. This picture may not do justice to the job, but I have to say it came out real nice. I’ve heard of other people’s attempts at this, but this one was a first for me. No different than doing a fretless bass conversion really.

Pretty weird, but pretty cool sounding. Next to impossible to play chords on it beyond simple triads, but it makes an innovative sounding lead instrument. Tod and I had fun playing around on it during the month and a half it took Chris to come and pick it up (a little jab there, eh Chris? Hehehe). Chris’ influences are players like Eric Johnson, Allen Holdsworth, and Tuck Andress.