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Mike's Kustom Kramer

Mike's Kustom Kramer

This one took way too long for my liking to complete through a very difficult period of construction of our new facility. Many thanks to my very patient customers.

But, good things come to those who wait and the outcome was a great looking, playing, and sounding instrument. It came to me with the "hockey stick" headed neck that he liked the feel of, but wanted the other Kramer headstock shape, two octaves, ebony fingerboard, and a blue-burst paint job.

While making necks may be somewhat routine for us, the easiest way to effectively get 24 frets in there was to block the neck pickup cavity, route a section of the face of the guitar down the middle and lay in a thick veneer of complimentary wood. Then, re-route the neck pickup making room for the 24 fret fingerboard extension.

The inset maple is a piece with nice soft flaming that fit nice and snug with no seem except belied by the flame pattern. We used the same piece to veneer the face of the headstock to help tie it all in together.

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