Yeah baby! ... It’s the "Fenson LesCaster"... I really dug this project.

A Fender neck on a Gibson body. In the words of Baron von Frankenstein:
"It's alive!!!". What player hasn't had this passing or even desirous thought??

It is a full 25 1/2" scale flame maple neck set into the mahogany DC Les Paul body. Once we had it laid out, the longer scale neck with the full-sized Strat-style head looked real lanky and ugly on the comparatively smaller-than-a-Strat LP special-style body. Like something of a "theme from an imaginary import".

I called the customer and recommended that we opt for my "down-sized" 4 & 2 Strat-style headstock. On paper it looked like the way to go and the final product speaks for itself - what language, I'm not sure, but it's a sexy voice!

To keep the job "affordable", we had to cut the neck off and route the stump from the mortise joint. It would have been nice to save the neck, but these have a thin and tight joint that would have allowed too much steam and heat into the area, causing a white haze in the black paint surrounding the joint. That would have required refinishing the body, near doubling the price.