Built for my bass player, Jim. This is my concept in function before form.

It balances perfectly on the leg or from a strap. The neck has an "asymmetrical" back-shape – fat in the hand and thin in the fingers to make it feel more like a four string bass. It works!

The body’s belly-cut is contoured to his belly. I hung it on him and said "hold still". As I went to trace his gut, he reflexively pulled his stomach in. I said "No, no, no! Let it hang, buddy". It fits him like a glove!

It’s a real tone-monster: "Corrected" volume control (no tone loss as you run it up or down), coil selector switch, and a tone switch instead of a knob so as to retain max voltage. All passive circuitry. Oak body, Goncalo neck with ebony board.

(Hey Jim!)