Guild Casino hybrid guitar
What to do with an old Starfire that's been hacked? My friend Tim from the "Swinging Steaks" brought this to me and said, "I want good vibe with this guitar. I was thinking about P-90's". To the Bat-cave Robin!

I tore through my pile of "junk" - years worth of vintage and current used parts, barely categorized on different shelves of a big wire rack. Oi-Vai!

Sure enough, an ancient pair of P-90's with a good strong reading. How to mount them? Meanwhile, back at the rackā€¦.. Yeah, baby!

A nice set of chrome dog-ear covers. After the electronics were squared away, we gave the pedestal bridge the ol' heave-ho and hard-mounted a Nashville bridge into the face & center block for that 335 effect. Bingo! An ES-335, ES-330, or Starfire NEVER sounded like this! No feedback like a 330, way more character than a 335, and well, Starfire?

This one's born-again hard! How much for the ancient P-90's with the obsolete chrome doggy covers? DON'T ASK!