Les Paul Custom Deluxe
I'd always wanted to do this.

I love L.P. Deluxes and always thought they'd look cool with three pickups. I had a blonde Deluxe I was going to do it to, but sold it in a moment of weakness. Oh well….

We acquired this guitar after it sustained a cosmetic injury and our customer didn't want it anymore. Good guinea pig!

Some careful routing for the pickup, trimming of the pickguard, and we were ready for the wiring. We gave it a master volume assigned to the switch that retains standard bridge/neck selection, and sent the middle pickup to its own volume control with no tone on it. The other two knobs remain as tones for the neck and bridge pickups. Very cool - you "dial in" just how much middle pickup effect you like.

The results were great. Everyone loves it. The hum-free Strat-y tones are like a ripe piece of fruit with the skin stretched tight - you gotta pluck it! It sold immediately.

Good get, Jon.