Three Little Pigs - Hagstrom, Carvin, Rickenbacker
Some of Doc’s axes from years past.  

1) Slant-fret Rickenbacker - Pretty weird, but cool. The pickups squealed like a pig that knows what's gonna happen to him!  

2) My beloved Hagstrom II -Heavily modified 3
P-U electronics, snowflake inlays, nicely grained redwood pickguard that I broke three times while making, but there was so much grain going on that you couldn't see the repairs. Back then I thought redwood was hard - it's not.

3) Carvin DC-200 Koa - I played many gigs with this one. Wonderful guitar. Just fell out of love with it. Of course now I wish I had it back. I’m fickle in love!  (Hi Honey....)